Values make
a difference

Work somewhere you really belong.
Hire people who believe in what you do.

We wake up in the morning delighted to go to work at QFinds — because we believe in the mission, we care about the results, and we feel part of the team.

It's a feeling we want each of our users to share

Let's face it — recruiters don't always treat talent or clients with the respect they deserve. Candidates are more than just a resume. Careers are more than just a job spec. Successful hires happen when we build real human connections.

At QFinds we've designed our platform around people—not paperwork. We seek out mission-driven employers and introduce them to like-minded candidates who share their goals.

The result is a hiring process that works better, is more cost-effective and targets talent far more accurately. It's why candidates rate us so highly, and employers trust us to deliver—time after time.

Meet the founders

Moe Hanafy

Chief Executive Officer

Moe’s philosophy in life is that each generation should try and make Earth a better place for the next one. His passion for science, innovation and business make him convinced that startups are a perfect tool for making a positive impact.

Andriy Gordiychuk

Chief Technology Officer

Andriy holds an MEng in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Cambridge AND a PhD from the Universita degli Studi di Brescia. He is a smart cookie...When not pushing pixels or dropping code, Andriy can be found on the go-karting racecourse or watching Interstellar for the 20th time.

Farid Gasanov

Chief Financial Officer

Alongside his entrepreneurial mindset and business-oriented vision, there are a number of social issues close to Farid’s heart – he is hoping to contribute to addressing the needs of orphan and vulnerable children.

Our team

magic behind everything

Yulia Yan
Yulia Yan
Product Manager

When ABBA comes on, nothing else matters 🕺🏼

Elnara Mamedova
Elnara Mamedova
Business Development Manager

Balancing between burpees and red wine

Anastasia Vorotnikova
Anastasia Vorotnikova
Video Producer

I ❤️ full English breakfast 🥓

Denis Manyukhin
Denis Manyukhin
Software Developer

Nothing is impossible 🚀

Juris Locs
Juris Locs
IT Manager

Shameless about every guilty pleasure