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7 Tips For An Effective LinkedIn Strategy

One of the most significant economic effects of the pandemic has been a surge in the number of people going back on the job hunt. For those actively looking for vacancies, LinkedIn has devised a new feature – an Open To Work photo frame which can be applied to users’ profiles to signal their availability to recruiters and head-hunters. This new little feature can complement your LinkedIn presence strategy. What, you don’t have one? Then these tips are for you.

Tip #1: Connect and communicate

The quarantine has boosted LinkedIn’s popularity among both employers and job seekers which means that you can now get your message across to a wider audience. Connect widely and communicate consistently with recruiters, head-hunters, and HR professionals – not every contact will lead to a job interview, but you may get expert advice, professional feedback on your CV, or a mock interview.

Tip #2: Be consistently proactive

Being active on LinkedIn doesn’t require round-the-clock presence on the platform: half an hour of posting and sharing relevant content a day is enough to set you apart from passive users. Want to maximise your chances of getting noticed? Go the extra mile – connect with recruiters via Twitter or attend company events in person (when possible) to demonstrate your enthusiasm.

Tip #3: Contribute something of value

What makes you a valuable employee? Identify your key areas of strength and start sharing your professional expertise with the LinkedIn community. Don’t limit yourself to industry or role-specific knowledge – simply telling your success (or failure!) story can make your talents shine and get you noticed by the right people at the right time.

Tip #4: Create an out-of-the-box application

Swapping a conventional CV for an engaging video is an effective way to make your application instantly stand out. A short talk delivered with sincerity and enthusiasm will get you noticed in the way that long pages of dry text will never do. A 2-minute video can effectively put on display not only your professional self, but also your personality - something that employers appreciate more and more. Boost your chances of landing a dream job by creating an outstanding video CV with QFinds. Try us out now!

Tip #5: Showcase your unpaid work experience

Volunteer work, pro bono projects, community engagement – all of this can be extremely helpful to your job search. Not only does unpaid work experience means you have a wide range of transferrable skills, but it also demonstrates that you care passionately about what you do and spare no effort to achieve your goals . What employer doesn’t like a work enthusiast?

Tip #6: Grow your network

Your success on Linkedin depends directly on the size of your network: the more connections you have, the more power you can harness on the platform . Adrian Wallwork, an author and a communication coach, recommends in his book “CVs, Resumes, and LinkedIn” having more than 100 connections .’ Another useful tip is to send personalised messages when reaching out to people. Authentic communication will set you apart from hundreds of generic requests, and people will notice your effort.

Tip #7: Your digital footprint

It is becoming increasingly common for recruiters to run candidates through Google. Make sure your digital footprint is up to the mark - this means erasing anything that could compromise you in the eyes of the employers. Want to make your online persona work to your advantage? Add a professional angle to your online presence – a blogpost, a podcast or a video showcasing your work-related achievements, interests, and activities can add that extra spark recruiters are after when looking for a great hire.

Now that you know how to build your brand on LinkedIn, go ahead and start putting theory into practice.

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