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QFinds’ Guide To Looking For Your First Job During The Pandemic

The Covid-19 crisis has introduced unprecedented levels of instability and uncertainty into all aspects of our lives. The employment market is no doubt among its biggest victims. As people across industries are facing redundancies, reduced working hours and shrinking job opportunities, the government has taken it upon itself to offer support to struggling employers and employees. As part of this effort, the Kickstart scheme provides funding to businesses to create 6-month placements for young people aged 16-24 at risk of long-term unemployment.

Recent graduates looking for their first job are likely to face some serious competition from countless others trying to get a foothold in a flaccid job market. Impressing recruiters is no mean feat when you have little to show by way of experience. So what can you do to become a stronger applicant?

Have the right skill set

In order to market yourself successfully to employers, you need to know what are they looking for in an ideal hire. The most recent insight from the World Economic Forum reveals that critical thinking and problem-solving remain the most sought after skills. Learning, resilience, stress tolerance and flexibility have become acutely relevant over the past year so make sure they feature on your CV. Knowing what recruiters want from successful candidates is essential to ensuring that your professional development activity is bringing you closer to your desired job.

Make the most of LinkedIn

LinkedIn has a lot to offer to both established professionals as well as those new to the job market. For those who are only starting their employment journey or preparing to take a career turn, LinkedIn Career Explorer is a practical and inspiring tool. It works by matching your current skills to thousands of job opportunities, revealing career paths you never imagined could be the right fit for you. Want to know more about how to leverage LinkedIn for your job search? Head to our blog.

Revamp your CV

In a world lived remotely, old methods are quickly giving way to new, technology-based solutions. Amid the ebb and flow of pandemic lockdowns recruiters too have become increasingly reliant on screens and cameras to screen and select candidates. Tune into the trend by applying to jobs with a video resume – there is no better way to demonstrate your creativity, communication and interpersonal skills – attributes that are of high relevance to employers yet difficult to showcase in an text-based CV. Ready to record your first professional video CV? Try QFinds!

Build meaningful connections

Networking is one of the most powerful tools in every applicant’s job-hunting arsenal. It is not a secret that many positions are never formally advertised, so knowing the right people and approaching them directly can sometimes be the only viable way of getting your foot in the door. Want to know the secret to effective networking? Motivational speaker Morgan Waller shares the “three Cs of networking”:

Be Confident! - focus on your strengths and know your self-worth

Be Curious! - listen, ask questions, explore the unknown!

Connect! - find common interests and build upon them to create deep connections

Talking to people about your passions, strengths and ambitions is the first step toward cultivating meaningful professional relationships that will work to your advantage.

Have your pitch ready

You have as little as 60 seconds to communicate your worth to a potential employer, says America’s top job-search expert and bestselling author Robin Ryan. Her winning strategy for excelling at any job interview is to deliver a “60 seconds sell” conveying who you are and what value you can bring to the company. The secret to instantly engaging interviewers is to focus not merely on what’s so good about you, but what’s so good about you for them.

Applying for positions as a first-time job seeker can be highly intimidating. It takes a lot of confidence to persuade recruiters you are their star candidate. Luckily, there are now many platforms and tools to help young applicants to present themselves in the best possible light. Our new video CV maker QFinds is one of such tools. Try us out – you’re just a few steps away from a killer video application!