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Focus on candidates with the skills you want—plus the values you need

QFinds is a value-focused platform that gives you deeper insight into prospective hires

Make quicker, better-informed hiring decisions by getting to know the person behind the CV. Select candidates who align with your goals, culture and mission.

Find people who believe in what you do

Traditional recruiters will push any CV they can in your direction, hoping for a match.
We'll give you candidates whose values gel with yours. And we charge around 90% less than most agencies

Enhanced job posts

the WOW effect

Create standout job ads that provide clear information about your company values and goals—and give candidates insight into your hiring process. Balance your requirements against the benefits they can expect to attract the best talent.

Applicant management

all in one place

Track your active candidates in a single dashboard view, with clear progress bars and click-to-chat. Save time with message templates which make it easier to quickly compose personalised responses.

Collaborative hiring

Teamwork makes the dream work

Review video Q&A submissions, share profiles with colleagues, or bring them into the chat to collaborate on hiring decisions—then shortlist and notify successful applicants about the next stage.


for all


Eliminate the
boring bits

We've automated a lot of the process—searching candidates, matching profiles, arranging interviews and sending follow-up emails. That frees you up to focus on identifying the talent that will make the biggest impact on your business.


Build diverse,
inclusive teams

When it comes to building teams, diversity is a big predictor of performance. That's why we anonymise names and profile pictures in the first round to ensure you can focus on skills and values—reducing unconscious bias.


See the person
behind the CV

Candidates create detailed personal profiles—with in-depth video Q&As showcasing their experience, skills and personality. Get to know each candidate better before shortlisting for final interviews.

Great hires — guaranteed

We offer multiple guarantees on hires to ensure that you get the best fit for your role on culture, values and skills
Our Partners

In-House Recruitment

IHR is the largest and most engaged community for in-house recruiters, with over 20,000 members. The community benefits from a supplier directory, and annual events including industry exhibitions and high-profile awards.

Living Wage

Living Wage Employer

QFinds is an accredited Living Wage employer and advocate, meaning that all roles at our company as well as all vacancies advertised through our platform pay the Living Wage or higher.

Living Wage